The Children’s Agenda

Pro-child policy experts, advocates and coalitions across Oregon have come together to provide a road map to make Oregon the best place to be a kid. Together, we share a common goal to increase the health, economic security and education of our children.

The Children’s Agenda is a cumulative look at the best thinking on children’s issues in Oregon from pro-child advocacy organizations and coalitions.  Participants in the Children’s Agenda contribute their policy recommendations and offer their endorsement to other policy proposals in the Agenda.  While no single group supports all of the priorities in the Agenda, we are United for Kids and remain committed to working together to achieve a clear and united voice for Oregon’s children.

Click here to see a full list of participating organizations and learn more about their great work on behalf of kids in Oregon.

Download your full PDF copy of the 2017 Children’s Agenda here.

Participating Organizations

Partners in the 2017 Children’s Agenda are invaluable advocates who have dedicated themselves to improving the future for Oregon’s children. Children First for Oregon, as the convener of the Children’s Agenda and home of United for Kids, respects the diversity of expertise, perspectives, and priorities within this community of advocates and is honored to advance the work of our peers in children’s advocacy.