Join United For Kids

Joining United for Kids means you believe children should be a top priority in Oregon’s public policy decisions. United for Kids connects organizations and individuals who are committed to a better future for our children and leverages our shared commitment for real change for Oregon’s kids.

Oregonians have stepped forward with one goal – to make Oregon the best place to be a kid. With a united voice, we speak for Oregon’s future and for Oregon’s kids.

Who should join United for Kids?

Everyone who believes Oregon should be the best place to be a kid! Together, we let our leaders know that children must be a top priority in public policy decisions. Advocates, service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, civic clubs, community leaders, non-profits, parent groups, and committed Oregonians are just some of the individuals and organizations that have joined.

What does it mean to be a part of United for Kids?

When you or your organization joins United for Kids, you are letting other Oregonians know you believe kids should be a top priority in our state. All members receive timely updates and information on critical issues related to Oregon’s children.

Why is United for Kids needed?

Until now, the broad public support for children’s well-being has been too diffuse to have the impact it should on the state’s policymaking priorities. Consequently, better organized interest groups with much less public will behind them have been able to divert policymakers’ attention away from fixing the issues undermining children’s health, safety, economic security and education. By connecting many diverse organizations and people, United for Kids can tip the policymaking scales in children’s favor, where the vast majority of Oregonians want it to be.

Who started United for Kids?

Children First for Oregon is our state’s broadest and oldest non-partisan, multi-issue children’s advocacy organization. For nearly 25 years, Children First has reported on child well-being and advocated for policy changes that improve children’s lives in the state. Partnering with other advocacy efforts for children and families, Children First serves as a convener and catalyst for United for Kids by informing, inspiring and engaging our state to make Oregon the best place to be a kid.

Does it cost anything to join United for Kids?

No – we are glad you are here with thousands of others in speaking for Oregon’s children. If you want to support United for Kids, you can make a donation HERE.  As the host of United for Kids, donations to support the children’s movement can be made at Children First for Oregon.

Should I join as an Organization or Individual?

Both individual and organization members are important to the collective impact of United for Kids. No matter how you sign up, you’ll get all that United for Kids has to offer. But, if you can, please join as an organization. Doing so will help us show policymakers the remarkable diversity and breadth of support that exists for kids in Oregon – including businesses, non-profits, parents groups, congregations, and others.

What else can I do?

Check out our Get Involved page to learn about other ways you can make a difference for Oregon’s kids!