Partner Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity of Oregon

Every two years, Habitat for Humanity of Oregon builds 150 new homes across the state, with the vast majority housing children and their families. But Habitat for Humanity’s impact extends far beyond giving a child a place to call home. Children served by the organization have a 92 percent high school graduation rate, miss fewer school days due to illness, and exhibit better emotional and physical health. From Sisters to Harrisburg, Portland to Monroe, Habitat for Humanity is laying the foundation for healthier and happier Oregon kids.

By delivering the advantages of homeownership to families historically denied the opportunity to buy a house, Habitat for Humanity is playing a big role in closing the minority homeownership gap and reshaping communities to be more inclusive and prosperous. For example, 8 out of 10 homes built by the organization in East Portland were for families of a community of color.

In Newberg, racial minority families own 60 percent of homes built by the organization. Therefore, Habitat for Humanity homes are helping erode the historic barriers that have long made owning a home a dream rather than a reality for people of color in Oregon. Habitat for Humanity is also the only consistent provider of affordable housing in Oregon’s smaller communities. In Sisters, the organization has helped to build over 50 homes. These Habitat for Humanity houses provide many children with their first neighborhood, first stable address, and first chance to sleep in a home free of environmental hazards such as lead paint, asbestos, or mold.

Homeownership also gives families a better shot at reaching their full potential. Families receive training from Habitat for Humanity on everything from community engagement to financial planning. Many new homeowners also find that the new stability allows them to go back to school or attend career trainings. Across the board, Habitat for Humanity parents benefit from the peace of mind guaranteed by a place to call their own.

When more families have access to healthy and affordable homes, our entire state prospers. By revitalizing neighborhoods, strengthening communities, and laying a solid foundation for families in need, Habitat for Humanity of Oregon is building a better future for all Oregonians.