Partner Spotlight: Latino Network

Latino children make up nearly a quarter of Oregon’s K-12 students, and their futures depend on our state’s ability to adapt in providing for their needs. Founded in 1996 by community leaders concerned by the lack of adequate resources for Oregon’s growing Latino population, Latino Network seeks to educate and empower our state’s younger generations through culturally specific programming and services. Led by Carmen Rubio, Latino Network has served over 3,500 individuals in building a stronger future for Oregon’s Latino communities.

Generational transformation is central to programs offered by Latino Network and the positive results they have fostered. Juntos Aprendemos, an early childhood education program run by Latino Network, evidences the power of investing in parents and children over the long term. In a culturally specific environment, children and parents alike learn skills that ready the entire family for success in school. Parents leave the program better equipped to be their children’s first teachers, while students leave the program better prepared for kindergarten. Juntos Aprendemos recruits parent graduates of the program as teachers, continuing a cycle of generational transformation.

Latino Network knows that change doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it is passed on to parent to child, student to sibling, generation after generation. And the results are staggering. For example, graduation rates for Latino students in Oregon have increased by 15 percent in just four years. As our state’s Latino communities continue to grow, Latino Network will continue to play a role in laying the groundwork for their success.