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Toys and Toxins

You look at labels and find the milk without added growth hormones.  ​You make sure that you have the right child safety seats or harnesses in your car.  You make your kids wear bike helmets.

But what about the toys they play with every day?

We now know with certainty that thousands of children’s products are made with chemicals that are toxic to the brain, reproductive system or development in children. And yet, parents have no way of knowing which toys and other products contain harmful carcinogens or other chemicals of concern, and neither do doctors, public health officials—or even the retailers that sell the products.

Oregon has a chance to change that with the Toxic Free Kids Act (SB 478).   The bill would:

  • Establish priorities for chemicals that we know are hazardous to children.
  • Require manufacturers to disclose use of chemicals in products made for children.
  • Require manufacturers to eventually replace those chemicals with safer alternatives.

But unless legislators act right now, we miss our chance to make a real difference in the life-long health of Oregon’s children. The bill has the backing of Oregon’s health community, educators and parents. It has bipartisan support. Let’s make 2015 the year we start to give children the protection they deserve.

Tell your legislator today: don’t delay. Pass the Toxic Free Kids Act (SB 478).