That’s My Kid

When we advocate for Oregon’s kids, we begin to take the well-being of children in our state personally. They are all “our children.” At United for Kids, we want Oregon to be the best place to be a kid – for all kids. That means:

  • A top-notch education system from early childhood into college and career;
  • Health care that is accessible and affordable;
  • Families have the resources they need to parent safely and well; and
  • The basic economic security represented by adequate food, affordable child care, and stable housing.

This foundation must be equally available to every child in Oregon – not just a certain region, economic class, or race. Right now, there are pockets of poverty in Oregon that are so dark and deep that kids and families can’t see their way out. Nearly 400,000 children in the state experience the daily stress of wondering if there will be “enough.”  We would never accept this reality for our own children and we must not accept it for Oregon’s children.

We’re quickly approaching 2017, a critical year in advancing the Children’s Agenda for Oregon’s kids. The Children’s Agenda is a legislative road map for state leaders backed up by United for Kids members like you who understand we must be unwavering in our commitment to speak for our children.  Recently Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek said, “United for Kids is the unified voice that can break through all the noise in Salem.” And breaking through all the noise couldn’t be more important than our 2017 efforts for kids.

United for Kids members are part of a statewide movement underscoring our shared value that kids must be a top priority in Oregon.  We speak to our elected leaders with a clear, strong, and united voice. No one individual, community group, service provider, school district, or community leader can do it alone.  We speak for up for kids as a united voice, because we are stronger when we are united.